FUTURALINK escrow service leverages smart contracts for creating digital contracts and peer-to-peer transactions. Once the underlying conditions of the agreement are fulfilled, the payments are processed automatically.

Futura aims to establish a standard escrow payment process that eliminates the limitations of current escrow and payments services.

FUTURALINK can facilitate a multitude of peer-to-peer transactions, including digital items and services. FUTURALINK provides the safety of a trusted escrow service with a better approach than existing solutions. Here is a list of some of the use cases for retail users.


Adaptive escrow for the Binance Smart Chain

Eliminate Risks

The escrow smart contract safely holds onto the funds until each condition is complete, no one can access the funds until then, and therefore, greatly limits the risk of litigation.

Cut Costs

FuturaLink drastically reduces transaction costs by streamlining business processes and offering cheaper fees than popular means of payment such as Paypal or Credit cards.

Flexible and easy to use

FuturaLink allows you to pay and get paid using various cryptocurrencies. Manage your funds directly from your wallet and track every transaction within your dashboard.

Use contract templates

We provide enforceable contract templates that you may use to build and customize your agreement saving you time and money on legal research.


$FFT is FuturaLink’s native token. Become a part of the growing FuturaLink ecosystem, earn rewards, participate in on-chain governance of the FuturaLink ecosystem, and more by getting FFT tokens.


Buy: 13% – 15% // Sell: 16% – 20%


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